Workshops zur Optimierung Ihrer Unternehmensleistung zum Wohle Ihrer Mitarbeiter, internen Prozesse, Kundenzufriedenheit und Finanzposition.

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What can workshops do for you?

We will support you in the continuing development of your organizational structures, in the further development of your employees and in the consulting and coaching of your change projects.

Whatever your individual situation may be, seminars, training and coaching serve not only to motivate your employees, but first and foremost they serve the optimization of your organization’s performance. Our services benefit your internal processes, the growth of your employees and - ultimately - the enhancement of your financial position.

What do we mean by the term „Workshop“?

A „workshop“ is a business format and context in which a group convenes to brainstorm, share, discuss, develop and visualize ideas and possible solutions to current and future challenges.

One method of choice is the so-called „moderation method“, a conglomeration of workshop tools that assist groups in getting ideas from out of individuals’ heads and visualized in plain sight on pin boards or flip charts, using felt pens and Post-it Notes.

Typical for workshops in German speaking Europe is the widespread use of large pin boards (approx. 90 x 120 cm) onto which so-called facilitation cards (cardboard, approx. 9 x 20 cm) are affixed, visualizing the group’s collective ideas and proposals.

Other workshop formats follow the large scale, Open Space family of methods (e.g. World Café, Open Space Conference).

A workshop necessitates the support of an experienced facilitator.

Examples for Workshops

  • Strategy development and formulation
  • Environmental analysis (e.g. business environment, competition, suppliers, potential markets)
  • Innovation retreats
  • Project definition workshop
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Change design
  • Change facilitation
  • Business process design / redesign
  • Four Rooms of Change (Dr. Claes Janssen)
  • Future Search ( Marvin Weisbrod / Sandra Janoff)

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