Unsere Trainings unterstützen Sie in der Weiterentwicklung Ihrer Organisationsstrukturen und im Kompetenzausbau Ihrer Mitarbeiter.

Trainings für Mitarbeiter


What can our training modules do for you?

Our mission is to support you in the continuing development of your organizational structures, in the support of your employees and in consulting and coaching within your change projects.
Whatever your individual situation may call for, whether it be seminars, training and/or coaching, these measures serve to not only motivate your employees, but also to optimize your organization’s performance. Our services benefit your internal processes, enhance customer satisfaction and ultimately further the enhancement of your financial position.

What do we mean by the term „Training“?

Training and seminars are very similar terms. The difference lies in their basic intentions.
Training usually aims towards the development and consolidation of new, desired behaviours and skills. The employee’s „how-to-do“ and the consolidation of new habits is the more usual focus with training. (Seminars are usually designed to impart knowledge. The employee is invited to hone his/her skills by first expanding his/her knowledge base – the ground floor of learning psychology.)
Of course training also includes seminar elements (sometimes seminars are called training), but the general intention is aimed more towards self-reflection and behavioral change.
In other words, every seminar has training aspects; every training has seminar aspects – both to varying degrees.

Examples of Training Modules

Project Environment

  • Custome oriented telephone skills (outbound / inbound calls)
  • Conflict conversations
  • Practical stress relief and management

Team Environment

  • Effective meeting facilitation through the German (facilitation) method and visualization techniques

Sales and distribution / Sourcing and purchasing

  • Customer oriented sales conversations and techniques
  • Probing techniques for needs analysis
  • Customer-related benefits presentation
  • Presentations, rhetoric and public speaking skills
  • Body language and voice development for sales / purchasing conversations
  • Customer-centric and needs oriented handling of objections
  • Dealing with difficult customer
  • Customer-centric closing techniques
  • Bargaining and negotiations for purchasing staff
  • Annual review meetings for Key Account Management


  • Employee dialogues
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Critical conversations
  • Managing objectives
  • Delegating and setting goals
  • Motivation
  • (All above topics in conjunction with contextual leadership principles)

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