Seminare von Doonorth verbessern Ihre Kompetenzen im Vertrieb, in Verhandlungen, Rhetorik, Präsentation und in der Führung.

Seminare von Doonorth


What can our seminars do for you?

We will support you in the continuing development of your organizational structures, in the further development of your employees and in the consulting and coaching of your change projects.

Whatever your individual situation may be, seminars, training and coaching serve to not only motivate and grow your employees, but they also serve the optimization of your organization’s performance. Our services benefit your internal processes, improve customer satisfaction and help to enhance your financial position.

What do we mean by the term „Seminar“?

A „seminar“ is a collaborative learning format in which a group convenes to learn specific communication techniques and soft skills.

The role of the trainer / facilitator is to guide the group through a collective learning experience in which the trainer briefly introduces a specific aspect of a topic, invites the group to share experiences pertaining to the subject in focus and to role play specific scenarios with the aim of practicing a new skill.

The role of the participants of a training session is to volunteer specific cases for reflection and role playing and to give each other feedback on observable behavior displayed during the simulations.

Typical methods include trainer input, group discussion, pair work, role playing in smaller groups, feedback on observed behavior and video feedback.

Examples for Seminars

Project Environment

  • Project management basics
  • Lean and agile project management
  • Customer service and orientation
  • Quality management
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiations
  • Stress relief and stress management
  • Intercultural management and communication in a virtual environment

Team Environment

  • Meeting management
  • Workshop and meeting facilitation methods
  • Visualization and creativity techniques

Sales and Distribution / Sourcing and purchasing

  • Consultative sales
  • Strategic sales
  • Telephone marketing
  • Purchasing negotiations
  • Presentations, rhetoric and public speaking skills
  • Key Account Management


  • Employee dialogues
  • Annual performance reviews
  • 360° / 270 ° feedback debrief
  • Giving and receiving feedback (Non Violent Communication, Rosenberg)
  • Critical conversations
  • Negotiating group and individual objectives
  • Delegation
  • Motivation

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