Coole Kollegen

Cool Colleagues

I have so many hard working, committed, and yet fun loving colleagues I just enjoy working with. In the following list you will find guys and gals, aka cool colleagues that you will enjoy when you get to know them. If you contact one of these wonderful folks, I am positive you will find that you are talking with the finest of their trade. Some of the links lead to people I work with directly, some are good friends with whom I have worked from time to time, but all of them are people I admire. And by the way, some of them are my direct competitors with whom I have had the honour of rubbing shoulders, from whom I have learned much. Thank you.

Sometimes I am forgetful. Are we awesome colleagues, but I have forgotten to add you to this list? If you would like to be a member on this list of fabulous folks, just drop me a line and join our little community of patently passionate people that take their profession (calling) seriously. See you here in short.

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