Mitarbeiter Coaching: Wir unterstützen Sie in der Weiterentwicklung Ihrer Führungskräfte.

Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte Coaching von Doonorth


What can coaching do for you?

Our mission is to support you in the continuing development of your organizational structures, in the support of your employees and in consulting and coaching within your change projects.
Whatever your individual situation may call for, whether it be seminars, training and/or coaching, these measures serve to not only motivate your employees, but also to optimize your organization’s performance. Our services benefit your internal processes, enhance customer satisfaction and ultimately further the enhancement of your financial position.

What do we mean by the term „Coaching“?

Coaching, at least as we understand and define it, is usually forwards looking and solution focussed. What does that mean? A perceived gap between today’s experience / condition and a desired, optimized future state needs to bridged. The bridging of the gap usually comprises several intermediate, smaller steps (jointly defined and visualized by the facilitation of the coach). If desired, the coach can supervise or assist the next steps.

Examples of Coaching

  • Role clarification subsequent to new appointment / assignment
  • Dealing with critical, usually people-centered situations in a professional context
  • Dealing with angst and anxiety vis à vis professional situations (presentations, critical conversations, dismissal conversations, etc.)
  • Professional re-orientation
  • Performance coaching

Blog post about coaching

Bielefeld First – Starke Angebote für die Region

Mit unserem Workout-Day für Bielefeld und Ostwestfalen gönnen Sie Ihrem Team eine Auffrischung und Feinjustage ihres professionellen Werkzeugkoffers. Gut für junge Teams als Schnelleinstieg und für erfahrene Teams als Update.




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