Christiaan Frank Lorenzen

Trainer, Coach and Organizational Consultant

I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, specifically in the very multi-cultural and international city of Vancouver. Today, we as a family live in a mid-sized city in the middle of Germany, Bielefeld.
My colleagues and I design and deploy innovative learning and training concepts and workshops in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Christiaan Lorenzen
  • DooNorth Seminar


    We design and deploy customized seminars to facilitate the empowerment and professionalization of your employees and to secure their knowledge and skills base for their future professional development.

  • DooNorth Training


    We design and organize customized training formats as a professional workout situation for your employees and teams. Whether you are working on maturing recently acquired skills to achieve the next level of competence, or you are seeking to shake old habits and behaviours, we have the broad and deep experience to be your adequate sparring partner.

  • DooNorth Coaching


    We support the development of your employees and team members through individualized coaching. Regardless of the duration, whether it is a singular orientation session or a multi-phased, long-term development process, we are your seasoned coaches.

  • DooNorth Workshop


    We design and facilitate workshops of all kinds. Whether you are seeking to define your status quo, striving to define your future objectives for your new team culture or embarking on an extensive organizational change initiative – we have the expertise to support you on your journey.


What can DooNorth do for your?

We can be many things for you: your sounding board, critical voice, feedback-giver or motivator. Which role you would like us to embrace at any given moment is entirely up to you.
You can ask us anything, we are happy to give you (almost) everything. There is just one thing we try hard to suppress: giving you unwanted advice. You and your questions are in focus.

What is DooNorth?

We are an informal network of multicultural, multilingual (partly native speakers) of professionals from various disciplines: education, strategy, marketing and HR consulting, trainers and coaches.
We are passionate about designing interactive training formats, events and seminars that cater to your needs and requirements. That is our promise to you.

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